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Top stories from our first four months.

Monday, The Costa Rica Daily celebrates four months of existence, which quite frankly is about three months longer than we expected it’d last.

Our readership has grown significantly over the past few weeks. A friendly “welcome!” to everyone who has voluntarily signed up to receive our words in your inbox every morning.

If you’re new, we’d like to share some of our top stories from our first four months. Happy Friday, and thanks for reading!

Costa Rica doesn’t have an army. Who protects it?

Article 12 of Costa Rica’s Constitution officially abolishes a standing military. So who protects Costa Rica? 

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The time Costa Rica’s president stopped a hijacking

José Figueres Ferrer, the man who abolished Costa Rica’s army in 1948, was 5-foot-3 but larger than life. 

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Why Costa Rica doesn’t use ‘real’ addresses

Costa Rican uses an idiosyncratic system of addresses that relies on landmarks, history and quite a bit of guesswork. 

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Does Costa Rica need a new airport, anyway?

The proposed Orotina airport was supposed to be ready by 2027. But does Costa Rica even need it? 

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Driving the ‘Mountain of Death’

As far as geography goes, the name Cerro de la Muerte (translated literally, Mountain of Death) is about as frightening as they come. 

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