Costa Rica extends tourist visas one final time (again)

DGME announces news late Monday night.

We’re changing our usual morning email routine to send out this breaking news:

Costa Rica’s Immigration Administration has once again extended tourist visas for visitors who entered the country after December 17, 2019.

Tourists who entered Costa Rica after that date can have their visa extended until June 2, 2021, as long as they purchase insurance.

“The Immigration Administration authorizes, via administrative resolution, the extension for foreigners who entered the country after December 17, 2019, and who have valid insurance, until June 2, 2021, this being the last date to remain with this exception within national territory,” the Immigration Administration announced.

Previously, those tourist visas were set to expire March 2, and the Immigration Administration claimed they wouldn’t be extended further. A request from the Tourism Board, plus approval from the Health Ministry, provoked the new prolongation.

People who want the June 2 extension must purchase an insurance policy that covers Covid-19 medical and quarantine-related expenses throughout the remainder of their stay in Costa Rica. Tourists must send an email with policy details to; the Tourism Board will verify compliance.

Tourists who do not adhere to the insurance requirement will lapse into an irregular migratory status. Punishments can include deportation and/or being banned from reentry for up to 5 years, the Immigration Administration says.

A few items of note about this extension:

  • At this time, this extension does not grant driving privileges for tourists who have remained in Costa Rica longer than 3 months.

  • This extension is not automatic. Tourists must purchase health insurance and verify it with the Tourism Board in order to receive the extension.


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