Costa Rica has a flag of its flag on its flag

It’s flags all the way down.

The First Lady of Costa Rica, Pacífica Fernández Oreamuno, designed the country’s flag in 1848:

Inspired by the ideals of the French Revolution, Costa Rica’s tricolor represents the country’s values: Blue for the sky and opportunities; white for peace; and red for the warmth of Costa Rican people and the bloodshed spilled for freedom.

The national emblem of Costa Rica appears on the flag when it’s used for official purposes. This, too, has meaning: The seven stars represent the seven provinces; volcanoes represent the country’s three mountain ranges; the merchant ships represent cultural and commercial exchange with the world.

And if you look closely at those ships, you’ll notice them flying … the flag of Costa Rica! This makes Costa Rica one of just a few countries in the world with a flag of its flag on its flag1:

Isn’t that neat?


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Ecuador is another example; also Afghanistan (kind of).