Costa Rica's 2021 tourism predictions

The only thing that's certain is the amount of uncertainty.

The Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) on Monday met with reporters to share its forecasts for 2021. The conclusion: The only thing that’s certain right now is the amount of uncertainty.

The ICT’s models indicate Costa Rica could receive anywhere between 400,000 and 1.6 million tourists in 2021. In the most optimistic scenario, the number of 2021 visitors would represent a 50% decrease compared to pre-pandemic 2019.

Here are other interesting takeaways shared by the ICT:

The Tourism Board cautioned that its models must be taken in context, since they depend so largely on factors outside of Costa Rica’s control. The ICT will update its forecasts every three months.

“It’s important that entrepreneurs, collaborators and travelers remember that throughout this recovery process, it is key to continue promoting the application of health protocols,” the Tourism Board said. “In particular, the measures on hand-washing, physical distancing, bubble travel and wearing a mask.”


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