Happy Independence Day, Costa Rica!

Costa Rica celebrates its bicentennial — 200 years of independence.

Happy Independence Day, Costa Rica!

Today, Costa Rica celebrates its bicentennial — 200 years of independence. It’s a joyous day across the country, as Ticos honor freedom, democracy and a culture of peace.

On Tuesday night, the Central American independence torch finished its journey from Guatemala to Cartago. At Costa Rica’s colonial capital, a cauldron now glows with the flame of freedom:

Costa Rica faces many of the same challenges today as during its centennial. In 1921, the country was enduring dual crises: an economic one, product of World War I, and a health emergency caused by the influenza pandemic.

At its bicentennial, Costa Rica shoulders similar difficulties provoked by Covid-19. In that context, today’s commemorations will be quite muted. Most businesses will remain open, and cultural events will held virtually.

But no matter how we celebrate, Independence Day provides a moment for all Costa Ricans to reflect on what the nation has achieved and the challenges that remain.

We hope you start your morning with gallo pinto, experience an emotion that can only be described as “Pura Vida,” and end your day with a cold Imperial, Pilsen, Ron Centenario or tropical smoothie.

Happy 200th, Costa Rica. ¡Vivan siempre el trabajo y la paz!


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