Historic: Costa Rica wins first-ever Paralympics medal

Sherman Güity earned silver in the 100 meters.

When Sherman Güity lost part of his left leg after a traffic accident in 2017, he pledged to return to the track and become Costa Rica’s best paralympic athlete.

On Monday, the Tico achieved that goal: Güity ran a personal-best and finished second in the men’s 100 meters at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

The silver is Costa Rica’s first-ever Paralympics medal. 

“I did it!” Güity shared on social media after the race. “Costa Rica now has a Paralympics medal. Thank you to Costa Rica for the support.”

Güity carried the Costa Rican flag up high after his performance:

Felix Streng (Germany) earned gold in the 100 m. Watch Guity’s historic performance below, in a video shared by President Carlos Alvarado:

“You are a pride for Costa Rica!” President Alvarado wrote on Twitter. “All Ticos are with you.”


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