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Top stories from our first six months.

This weekend, The Costa Rica Daily will celebrate six months of existence, which quite frankly is about five months longer than we expected it’d last.

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If you’re new, we’d like to share some of our top stories from our first six months. Happy Friday, and thanks for reading!

Costa Rica doesn’t have an army. Who protects it?

Costa Rica’s Constitution abolishes a standing military. So who protects Costa Rica? 

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The time Costa Rica’s president stopped a hijacking

Wielding a submachine gun, Costa Rica’s president walked onto the airport tarmac and took matters into his own hands.

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Why Costa Rica doesn’t use ‘real’ addresses

Costa Rican uses an idiosyncratic system of addresses that relies on landmarks, history and quite a bit of guesswork. 

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In the weeds: Marijuana in Costa Rica

A dope story about pot in Costa Rica.

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The coast-to-coast hike across Costa Rica

El Camino de Costa Rica offers a unique perspective of the country.

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