check out the bolas de piedra they're not just 1000 years old by about 65m years old!

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Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?

Not long ago I was visiting with a brother-in-law and he explained to me how they make lead shot for shotgun shells. They use what is called a shot tower 160 ft high. A mixture of lead and antimony is heated to melting and then dropped through a sieve to determine the size. It falls 160 feet into a pool of water to cool. The result is little spheres of lead shot to be used in shotgun shells. Like the raindrops that become spherical as they fall, so too does the molten lead as if falls and cools to a solid.

Well 65,000,000 years ago a similar thing happened just off the coast of Yucatan. It was the impact of an asteroid six miles in diameter. At that time several cubic miles of deeper crust we're liquified and ejected high into the atmosphere. As it fell back to the earth it formed spheres of various sizes - there was no sieve to fix the size. The result can still be seen today in places like Costa Rica:

Today these stone spheres are a mystery. They struggle to find an explanation for these thousands upon thousands of these various sizes stone spheres. Perhaps they were formed in God's shot tower.

Most of what God has done remains a mystery to us. Our logical minds cannot figure out how He parted the Red Sea or the Jordan River. Or how He formed the stars with His hands. But we do know that when He created all things He also made the laws by which His creation would continue to exist. One of those laws is gravity by which rain and shot lead form spherical shapes as they cool, just as the planets, including earth have done.

So nothing is impossible with God. after all, He made all the rules and He can do whatever He wants in order to let us know Who He is that we might be rescued by Him from our stubborn ignorance. Ask Him to show you what you are really seeing when you look up and see all those billions of big round stars at night.

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