Sitemap - 2021 - The Costa Rica Daily: Costa Rica News & Travel

Costa Rica will run on nearly 100% renewable electricity for 7th-straight year

Costa Rica businesses, activities will require Covid vaccination

WhatsApp: An indispensable utility for Costa Ricans

Costa Rica has a flag of its flag on its flag

Costa Rica to mandate Covid-19 vaccine for many

Canadian airlines return to Costa Rica in October

The incredible sea turtle arribadas in Costa Rica

U.S. changing entry requirements: Impacts on Costa Rica

Watch: Costa Rica honors independence with drone light show

Happy Independence Day, Costa Rica!

When is Costa Rica’s Independence Day?

Costa Rica getting new nonstop flights to USA

Costa Rica's hospitals raise alert over Covid-19

Gold for Güity! Costa Rican sets record in Olympic win

Costa Rica faces its worst education crisis in decades

Oh, Canada! Canucks donate vaccines to Costa Rica

Historic: Costa Rica wins first-ever Paralympics medal

Costa Ricans live longer than U.S. Americans. What’s the secret?

Costa Rica is world’s best in attracting foreign investment

American Airlines launching Chicago to Costa Rica nonstop

Costa Rica offers refuge to Afghan women

Costa Rica supporting humanitarian aid to Haiti

Costa Rica marijuana legalization efforts to proceed

The best month for Costa Rica tourism during the pandemic

Costa Rica’s digital nomad visa signed into law

The strong ties between the U.S. and Costa Rica

The origins of the phrase ‘Pura Vida’

It’s always whale-watching season in Costa Rica

Costa Rica bans Styrofoam

Half of Costa Rica has received a Covid-19 vaccine

Costa Rica's BMX Olympian takes you on a coast-to-coast tour

Costa Rica celebrates Virgen de los Angeles Day

Costa Rica opens vaccination to adults 20 and older

Costa Rica declares State of National Emergency

Celebrating Nicoya, Costa Rica

Damage evaluation, repairs begin across Costa Rica

Emergency response in Costa Rica due to flooding, landslides

Costa Rica finds first stone sphere in 14 years

Costa Rica airport gets a new name

Shake it up: Earthquakes & Costa Rica

Costa Rica opens vaccination to adults 30 and older

Led by a Costa Rican: 'The rocket engine that could transform space travel'

How are vaccines impacting Covid in Costa Rica?

A competitive advantage: Costa Rica approves new visa for digital nomads

United States sending vaccines to Costa Rica this week

Costa Rica dropping insurance requirement for vaccinated travelers

New law in Costa Rica to incentivize residency

Sloth officially named national symbol of Costa Rica

Abraham Lincoln’s letter to Costa Rica

Frontier Airlines makes long-awaited return to Costa Rica

Meet Costa Rica's 2021 Olympians

Costa Rica's new visa seeks to attract digital nomads

Biggest eruption in years at Rincón de la Vieja Volcano

Latin America confronts a pandemic education crisis

Why Costa Rica doesn't have daylight saving time

Costa Rica passes bill to attract more residents

Costa Rica emerging from its worst Covid wave

The latest Costa Rica corruption scandal, explained

50% off Southwest Airlines flights to Costa Rica

How a crisis of democracy in Nicaragua threatens Costa Rica

Costa Rica's big week for new flights

El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender. Should Costa Rica follow?

The giant floating machine that will clean Costa Rica's dirtiest river

The lost legacy of Costa Rica's streetcars

All U.S. airlines have resumed flights to Costa Rica

Costa Rica & the controversy at Crucitas

1 million Costa Ricans have received a Covid vaccine

All eyes on Costa Rica as U.S. Secretary of State visits

It's hurricane season: What that means for Costa Rica

Remembering Costa Rica's war figures on U.S. Memorial Day

The Costa Rican flavors at U.S. fast-food restaurants

Costa Rica tourism growing despite pandemic

A year of marriage equality in Costa Rica

The noteworthy history of Durán Sanatorium

'A true miracle': The crash of LACSA 628

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Major League baseballs: Made in Costa Rica

Costa Rica's 5-step response to the Covid spike

School closures expose inequality in Costa Rica

Murder at the Devil's Elbow in Costa Rica

Both Costa Rica airports finally offer Covid tests

The Coca-Cola product exclusive to Costa Rica

How dangerous is driving in Costa Rica?

A plane vanished near Costa Rica in 1965. The search continues.

Costa Rica reaches 'critical condition' at its hospitals

Boeing's new partnership with Costa Rica

Vaccine hesitancy and herd immunity in Costa Rica

The 5 most interesting points from the State of the Republic

Costa Rica at the limit of its ICU capacity

Costa Rica orders new shutdown for early May

The darkest moments of the pandemic have arrived in Costa Rica

Vaccine tourism: Costa Ricans visit the US to get their shots

Costa Rica’s non-response to the Covid spike

Costa Rica now home to world-class space radar

30 years later: The 1991 Limón earthquake

The Costa Rica Daily giveaway

In the weeds: Marijuana in Costa Rica

The many words for rain in Costa Rica

Covid cases force renewed Costa Rica driving restrictions

The coast-to-coast hike across Costa Rica

Coronavirus in Costa Rica takes a turn for the worse

The many languages of Costa Rica

Costa Rica celebrates Juan Santamaría Day

Science vs. snakes in Costa Rica

When Charles Lindbergh visited Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s reliance on Facebook

The movie that made Costa Rica surf famous

Costa Rica has reopened its land borders

Slow vaccine process forces Costa Rica to make changes

Encouraging signals for the post-pandemic aviation industry

Costa Rica's most underrated destination

All of Costa Rica's beaches are public

The mysterious Costa Rican UFO

The lost legacy of Costa Rica's railroads

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The treasures hidden on Cocos Island

Costa Rica coronavirus vaccine FAQ

Did Google Maps almost start a war between Costa Rica and Nicaragua?

Costa Rica had great roads. What went wrong?

The injustices facing women in Costa Rica

Costa Rica's biggest sports stars (not named Keylor Navas)

Costa Rica's biggest export isn't what you'd think

‘No Artificial Ingredients!’ to ‘Save the Americans’: Costa Rica’s tourism campaigns

Costa Rica commemorates one year of the pandemic

Why doesn't Costa Rica go organic?

The blockbuster movie that was actually filmed in Costa Rica

The importance of Costa Rica's inter-National Park

Costa Rica extends tourist visas one final time (again)

The latest on Costa Rica's digital nomad & investor visas

Costa Rica visa runs during Covid-19

Costa Rica's (small) role in the airline points and miles boom

How might climate change affect Costa Rica?

What to know about Costa Rica's March coronavirus measures

The truth about Costa Rica's pesticide use

What's more expensive in Costa Rica?

Why doesn't Costa Rica use real addresses?

Costa Rica nears approval of Space Agency

Costa Rica's encouraging Covid trends

Costa Rica protests: What you need to know

Costa Rica recovers top aviation safety rating

President (not the one you think) faces Congressional inquiry for improper conduct

Group of tourists hospitalized with Covid in Costa Rica

Costa Rica's 2021 tourism predictions

CRC Daily: Area man wins Super Bowl

There's a pandemic. Why didn't Costa Rica's deaths increase?

What does Costa Rica owe its perpetual tourists?

Spanish 101: Is COVID masculine or feminine?

How McDonald's made history in Costa Rica

Shake it up: Earthquakes and Costa Rica

Canadian airlines suspend flights to Costa Rica until May

The business of medical tourism in Costa Rica

30% by 2030: Costa Rica's environmental plan receives U.S. endorsement

The time Costa Rica almost ran out of phone numbers

Does Costa Rica need a new airport, anyway?

Costa Rica has a deal with the IMF. Now what?

CRC Daily: U.S. travel policy another blow to Costa Rica

CRC Daily: Where to get a Covid test in Costa Rica (official list)

CRC Daily: Costa Rica improves testing options for tourists

CRC Daily: The science behind Costa Rica's sky-blue waterfall

CRC Daily: What to know about new Covid testing travel policies

CRC Daily: Costa Rica's backstab bridge

CRC Daily: Pandemic caused Costa Rica tourism to plummet nearly 70%

CRC Daily: The new US travel requirements are bad news for Costa Rica

CRC Daily: Costa Rica coronavirus FAQ

CRC Daily: Airlines launch new flights to Costa Rica

CRC Daily: Costa Rica's visa for digital nomads

CRC Daily: Costa Rica's new ad for U.S. tourists

How accurately does Jurassic Park portray Costa Rica?

CRC Daily: Costa Rica's 1996 radiotherapy tragedy

CRC Daily: The challenges Costa Rica will face in 2021